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Elliott Bill DR

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(918) 456-8281
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Tahlequah, OK 74464
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(918) 456-8281

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micah mcdaniel

written: 1 Review
Dr. Elliot stayed open late one evening waiting for us to arrive due to an emergency. Our poor puppy had a run in with a toad and was foaming at the mouth. Soon she didn't recognize us or respond to our cues. Her eyes were glossy and we realized that she had been poisoned to a degree. We called him and even though it was time to close he said he would wait there for us and to get her down there as quickly as possible. His only concern was for our pup. He said more dogs die from playing with toads than from fights with local poisonous snakes. Dr. Elliot was very patient and deliberate with my dog. I noticed he didn't touch her unless it was absolutely necessary. He spoke directly to me and carried on an informative conversation for as long as I needed. He made sure I understood the subject matter at hand so I could leave his office able to make the right decisions for my pet. And he didn't charge us after we ruined his closing routine and dinner hour. The pup recovered and we went home. He is very informal and some people find that confusing because he isn't displaying his education and knowledge base. They mistake him for a small town good 'ole boy without a day of formal schooling after 3rd grade. If these people listen to What he is saying and not How he is saying it, they will realize that he Is educated AND knows how to run a thriving business in a small community. Dr. Elliot respects animals and people. What more could you want from a vet? I've encountered vets in this town who don't respect either. Dr. Elliot is a good guy. I did have a little trouble after he spayed my dog. She had a little incontinence for a few days but it cleared up. I noticed in the back of his clinic there were dogs in cages stacked up outdoors. I don't know if I was seeing his boarding setup, his recovery room, or looking at dogs waiting to be groomed. It gave me the willies, though. I never asked him what that was about. I am sure he would have told me if I had asked. I would not hesitate going to him again for any problem with my pets. He is gentle, knowledgeable, and has the best interest of the animal in mind--not the best interest of Dr. Elliot in mind. Not all vets in Tahlequah are oriented the same way. I've actually been to a vet who, while examining my dog, told me he hated that particular breed, handled her quite roughly,and told me I would come to regret ever owning her. I don't like that vet. My dog doesn't like him either. You won't find problems like these with Dr. Elliot.

0.2 Miles

(918) 431-0151

501 S Muskogee Ave, Tahlequah, OK 74464

1.6 Miles

(918) 456-8555

214 N Bliss Ave, Tahlequah, OK 74464

1.6 Miles

(918) 456-8555

214 N Bliss Ave, Tahlequah, OK 74464